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Wolf Willow

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  • February 1, 2016
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Eleagnus commutata

Native to Alberta, wolf willow is a common site in natural areas such as streambanks, dry slopes, and open fields.  It is aggressive and often invasive, and I would not recommend planting this shrub in an ornamental setting.  It looks best in its native environment, on acreages, and in large, park-like settings.  It is an interesting contrast plant, with silvery foliage, yellow flowers, and a strong fragrance.

I rarely see this plant in the ornamental landscape.  It is used in reclamation and slope stabilization projects.


Full sun.

Pruning Time

Anytime of year.


Not normally necessary if used in a mass planting.  This plant spreads by suckering, so if used in an ornamental garden (not recommended) it would be necessary to control the suckers.

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