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  • September 2, 2018
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Weigela florida

Some varieties of weigela are marginally hardy in central Alberta, and it is uncommon in the landscape.  On the rare occasion when I do see a specimen in a client’s yard, it usually looks pretty dismal.

I trialled a couple different varieties the past couple years, and my favourite is ‘Red Prince’.  It gets through winter fine, and has showy red flowers.  The above picture was taken September 2nd.  Die-back was minimal, even with the harsh winter of 2017-18.

I chose a southern exposure, with some light shade cast from surrounding trees.  I gave this plant supplemental watering during dry periods and it is doing well.

Exposure – Full Sun

Pruning – Very little is required.  Cut out any dead stems.  Deadheading may extend the bloom period.

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