Landscapes and Plantings

Trees, shrubs, and other woody plants provided and installed by Wild Rose Garden & Tree Service Inc. are guaranteed for 21 days from the time of planting, provided that proper maintenance and care has been performed, such as, but not limited to: irrigation (watering), and weeding,  This warranty does not cover herbaceous perennials or annuals.  The warranty covers the cost of plant material only, not the labour required to remove and replace plants.

Trees and shrubs that die within the first 21 days will be replaced one time with plant material of equal value during the first year at no expense to the owner, provided the owner’s responsibilities for care and notification are fully met.  All plants must receive adequate care and proper watering in order to be honored under this warranty.  The owner must notify Wild Rose Garden & Tree Service Inc. within twenty-four hours of noticing a plant problem.  Allowing trees and shrubs to die or reach an advanced state of decline before notifying us voids the warranty on that portion of the project.

Perennials, bulbs, annual flowers, ornamental grasses and sod are guaranteed for fourteen days against infestation of pests and diseases, otherwise no guarantee is made because watering and care are beyond the control of Wild Rose Garden & Tree Service Inc.

In the case of plant material, no guarantee of survival, vigor, ultimate size or appearance, or suitability to site conditions is made.

Pruning Services

All pruning is carried out under standards endorsed by the International Society of Arboriculture and the ANSI A300 Pruning Standards.  At no time will a representative of the company intentionally prune a tree or shrub that will negatively impact the growth, health, or vigour of that plant.  All team members are trained in accordance with accepted pruning practices by ISA Certified Arborists.


In no case shall Wild Rose Garden & Tree Service honor any warranty when the following is found: evidence of abuse, neglect, improper care, negligence of other contactors  (including improper applications of pesticides or fertilizers), vandalism, theft, animal and insect damage, misuse, any other damage by others, extreme weather conditions (such as wind or snowstorms), or conditions beyond our control.  We do not warranty any materials not provided by Wild Rose Garden & Tree Service Inc., nor any plants, shrubs, trees or sod that were transplanted on the Client’s property.  The use of de-icing salt (calcium chloride, sodium chloride, or others) on walkways will void the warranty.

Accounts must be paid in full before any replacements of materials under this warranty are made. We do not offer cash refunds.

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