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Powderface Willow

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  • January 26, 2016
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Salix commutata ‘Powderface’

Powderface willow is an attractive shrub, native to Alberta.  It features dense, upright stems with silvery-grey foliage.  I was impressed with this plant becuase it thrived in the harshest, dustiest spot in my yard.  My only complaint was that it lacks appeal in the fall, as they leaves just turn brown.  Like other willow shrubs, older specimens often suffer infestations of poplar borer near the base of the stems, causing them to fall over.  A healthy plant will regenerate a new shrub from the energy in the existing root systems.  Powderface willow would look nice as an informal hedge or low screen.


Full sun to part shade.


Rarely needed.  Remove dead and infested stems, if needed.


Avoid.  Looks best in its natural form.  Shearing would diminish its appearance.

(c) 2016 Shane LePage, Wild Rose Garden & Tree Service Inc., Red Deer, AB.