Fertilization Equipment

What is fertilization and why would we want to do it?

Simply, fertilization adds nutrients to the soil. Often, nutrient deficiencies show up in signs on plants parts, such as leaves, buds, etc. For example, leaves could be a sickly yellow when they should be a bright green. Signs like this could be an indication of poor soil nutrition. To be sure, it is best to have soil samples analyzed. A soil analysis provides all the information necessary to put together a fertilization program that is customized for your garden soil.

How do you fertilize trees and shrubs?

We apply fertilizer directly to the roots, under pressure, using specialized equipment.

What kind of fertilizer do you use?

Fertilization of trees and shrubs is generally carried out using water soluble compounds. These can be convention, synthetic fertilizers, blended into formulations such as 11-26-27, or 20-20-20, etc. Or, they can be “organic” blends, based on natural ingredients, such as sea kelp, compost teas, etc.

Fertilizer combinations vary according to season, and the needs of the plants. For instance, a higher nitrogen fertilizer might be used in the Spring to increase stem elongation. A Fall fertilizer might include a higher proportion of potassium, so support root growth. Supplements, such as iron, can be used if the plants show a deficiency of that nutrient.

So how do I start?

First, we need to get a soil test. Once we have more information about your soil, we can provide the most accurate possible formulation, customized for your yard.

Next, we’ll decide on a suitable fertilization schedule. Normally, we fertilize trees and shrubs twice per year, if required.

Finally we’ll decide what products to use, either synthetic, organic, or a combination.

What can I expect?

Any or all of the following:

1) Brighter, more vibrant colour (especially on tired looking conifers such as pines),

2) Improved growth and vigour,

3) Greater resistance to disease,

4) Better over-wintering,

5) Bigger, fuller buds for next year’s growth.

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