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False Spirea

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  • January 5, 2015
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Sorbaria sorbifolia

I beg you not to use this plant in your garden unless you like a lot of work.  It is highly invasive and will take over everything in your shrub bed given enough time.  False spirea is a pretty plant, with attractive compound foliage and large plumes of white flowers.  It also thrives in Alberta, which is no surprise since its origins are Siberia, northern China, Japan and Korea.  We do not use this plant in our designs due to its invasive nature.  Use with caution.  It does look good in a raised planter planted singly.


Full sun to part shade

Pruning Time

Early spring, after the snow has receded


There are two ways to deal with this plant.  If heavily overgrown, the entire shrub can be renovated to within a few inches of grade.  Otherwise, each spring, remove a few older stems and cut back the flowered shoots close to the main stems.  Remove unwanted suckers (there will be plenty of them).

(c) 2015 Shane LePage, Wild Rose Garden & Tree Service Inc., Red Deer, AB.