Wild Rose Garden & Tree Service offers a complete range of consultation services, from basic health & safety “walk-a-rounds,” to thorough, professional arborist reports.

When to Hire a Consultant?

We have been called upon for a variety of consulting situations, including:


* Assessment of tree health & structural integrity
* Landscape tree appraisals
* Assessment of tree damage due to construction & trespass
* Assessment of commercial landscape plantings
* Tree preservation plans
* Diagnosis of insect & disease problems
* Writing specification for tree care and maintenance
* Tree selection and planting
* Investigation into tree disputes between homeowners
* Mediation and conflict resolution

What Are Our Credentials?

We are ISA Certified Arborists and hold membership with the American Society of Consulting Arborists. In order to maintain our certification and memberships, we must fulfill continuing education requirements. We stay current on new research and innovations.

Training & Teaching

Wild Rose Garden & Tree Service offers customized training to individuals, groups, or munipalities in the following areas:

  • pruning
  • tree selection and planting
  • pest control and plant health care