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Oystershell Scale-Resistant Hedging Alternatives

Posted by shane - January 3, 2017 - A-Z Plant Maintenance, Hedges, Insect Pests

Oystershell scale continues to devastate Calgary hedges, and we treated a record number of them in 2016.  This trend is likely to continue.  It is getting to the point that keeping a cotoneaster healthy in Calgary might not be worth the money or effort for many people.  I’ve been telling my customers that I would […]

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Top 5 Formal Hedges for Alberta

Posted by shane - March 11, 2015 - A-Z Plant Maintenance, Hedges, Pruning Techniques, Shrubs

Hedges are an important part of the urban landscape, softening the hard lines of existing structures, and providing a sense of enclosure or privacy.  They mark our territory, provide a screen to funnel or block a view, and help to control dust and noise.  They can also prevent the mailman from cutting across our yard […]

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