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Posted by shane - January 13, 2017 - A-Z Plant Maintenance, Fruit Trees, Trees

Pyrus ussuriensis P. ussuriensis ‘Early Gold’ P. ussuriensis ‘Golden Spice’ Pear is one of my favourite trees for the Prairies.  It has an excellent flower display in spring, dark, glossy green foliage througout summer, and outstanding fall colour, which varies according to conditions in the fall, but often in the oranges, peaches, and reds, and […]

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Posted by shane - January 25, 2016 - A-Z Plant Maintenance, Fruit Trees, Trees

Prunus spp. We can grow several varieties of fruiting plums on the Prairies.  That said, they aren’t commonly planted, and our pruning experience with these trees is wildly variable, from newly planted stock to overgrown and old neglected varieties.  I haven’t pruned enough of any one variety in 14 years to make many generalizations for […]

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Pin Cherry

Posted by shane - February 11, 2015 - A-Z Plant Maintenance, Fruit Trees, Trees

Prunus pensylvanica This is a very attractive yet under-utilized Prairie tree.  It has a nice white flower display in spring, glossy green foliage and red berries in summer, followed by excellent reddish-orange fall colour.  The flaky, dark maroon-coloured bark makes this a four-season tree.  The other nice thing about pin cherry is its size, only […]

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Posted by shane - January 5, 2015 - A-Z Plant Maintenance, Fruit Trees, Trees

Malus dolgo (Dolgo crabapple) Malus adstringens cvs. (Rosybloom crabapples) Malus x hybrids (Other flowering crabapples) Crabapples are among the most common residential landscape trees in Alberta, and for good reason.  Their brief floral display in early June is worth the wait, and many people have told me they keep the trees specifically for that one week […]

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Posted by shane - December 18, 2014 - A-Z Plant Maintenance, Fruit Trees, Trees

Malus cvs. Apples are among my favourite trees.  Besides being great for fruit, they have a great deal of ornamental value in the landscape.  They are extremely hardy, and can tolerate the worst abuse and neglect and still thrive.  Apples are resilient and adaptable, and can be properly pruned in many ways, from espalier training along […]

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Posted by shane - December 16, 2014 - A-Z Plant Maintenance, Fruit Trees, Trees

Siberian apricot (Prunus sibirca) ‘Westcot’, ‘Capilano #1’, ‘M604’ Apricot is very uncommonlly planted on the prairies.  I have seen only a few older specimens, and have only pruned a handful in the past 12 years.  That said, they are an interesting small tree, with stunning pink blossoms in the spring, and rarely, small, sour apricots […]

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Beauty is High Maintenance

Posted by shane - January 15, 2012 - Gardening Tips

One of the most frequent comments I hear from customers is that they want a “low-maintenance” yard.  But they also say they want a nice yard.  In my experience, there are three ways to have a low-maintenance yard: 1) Move to a condo 2) Pave over your entire yard 3) Get used to ugly, also […]

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