Tatarian Maple

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Acer tataricum

Acer tataricum ‘Gar Ann’ PP15023 (Hot Wings Tatarian Maple)

Hot Wings tatarian maple.  S. LePage photo.

Hot Wings tatarian maple. S. LePage photo.

I like this tree for many reasons.  It fits well in a small to medium-sized yard.  It has nice reddish samaras in summer and excellent red fall colour.  It is hardy, insect and disease resistant, and if properly planted in decent soil, grows vigorously.  We include this tree in many landscape designs and prefer the Hot Wings variety for the stunning red samara colour in summer. Tatarian maple requires regular, proper pruning at planting and for the next few years after.  It tends to develop poor structure if not properly trained as a young tree.


Full sun

Pruning Time

Late May until mid-September, while the leaves are out and green


Train as a central leader standard and avoid having multiple branches originating from the same point on the trunk.  Subordinate co-dominant leaders.  Annually, remove dead, broken, or diseased wood, and redundant or crossing branches.

Crown Reduction & Shaping

Not suitable for crown reduction.  Be aware of the mature height at planting and give the tree enough space for its mature form.

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