Haskap (Honeyberry)

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Lonicera caerulea kam. cultivars

Haskap in fruit

Haskap in fruit

We try to include a haskap into most of our designs.  They aren’t particularly ornamental, but everybody tends to enjoy the tangy blue fruits as they wander around their garden in June. Haskap are edible honeysuckles, with a flavour similar to blue huckleberry on the BC coast.  They come in several varieties and we’ve had success with all of them.  We like to plant ‘Combo Polar’ because it self pollinates.  If you plant the other haskaps, you will need two different varieties so they can pollinate each other.  See the following link to help you choose varieties for proper pollination:



Full sun to part shade

Pruning time

Late fall to early spring


Prune as an open-centered shrub.  Remove dead and broken branches.  Avoid shearing or shaping these plants.  The new growth that emerges from heading cuts is very weak and can easily break from its point of origin.

It is best to let haskap keep a natural form and grow to maturity.  They can reach up to 4-5′ in height and width at maturity so allow enough space in the garden or shrub bed.

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