Planting & Landscape Design

009After 10 years of maintaining prairie plants, and encountering countless preventable landscaping problems in hundreds of yards, we recognized a need for proper landscape design, especially with respect to plants.  So we started doing formal landscape design, in addition to planting.


We can select, buy, deliver, and install any size of containerized tree, and in some cases, ball and burlapped trees.  Due to very slow growth rates in Alberta, we recommend planting smaller containerized or bare root plants as opposed to basketed trees, as smaller trees establish much more quickly and will require less post-planting care.

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Installing a design in Red Deer, summer 2014. S. LePage photo.

Installing a design in Red Deer, summer 2014. S. LePage photo.


In addition to years of experience working with plant materials, we have a professional designer on staff who can put beautiful designs to paper.  A well thought out landscape should start with a solid design.  We use the latest in professional design software for efficiency, clarity, and accuracy.

Whether it is a small landscape renovation in the corner of the back yard, or a completely new landscape in a new subdivision, we can help you decide the best use of your property, both in terms of proper planting, and in appropriate placement of hardscape features such as retaining walls, paving stones, concrete, decks, and more.