Pin Cherry

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Prunus pensylvanica

Pin cherries

Pin cherries

This is a very attractive yet under-utilized Prairie tree.  It has a nice white flower display in spring, glossy green foliage and red berries in summer, followed by excellent reddish-orange fall colour.  The flaky, dark maroon-coloured bark makes this a four-season tree.  The other nice thing about pin cherry is its size, only about 16′ in height with a 10′ spread at maturity.  The major drawback of pin-cherry, and the main reason we don’t use this tree in garden beds is because of its propensity to sucker.  It is most useful in large, informal mulched areas on acreages, where it can form large clusters without interfering with smaller ornamental plants.


Full sun

Pruning Time

Late fall to mid-Spring, on the Prairies.


Train young trees as a central leader standard for the strongest branch structure.  Remove dead, diseased, or crossing/rubbing branches each year.  Prune as you would a mayday, ‘Schubert’ chokecherry, or amur cherry.

Crown Reduction

Inappropriate.  At planting, allow enough space for the mature size of this tree.  Expect a lot of suckering, normally starting on the first season after planting.

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