Oystershell Scale-Resistant Hedging Alternatives

Posted by shane - January 3, 2017 - A-Z Plant Maintenance, Hedges, Insect Pests - No Comments

Oystershell scale continues to devastate Calgary hedges, and we treated a record number of them in 2016.  This trend is likely to continue.  It is getting to the point that keeping a cotoneaster healthy in Calgary might not be worth the money or effort for many people.  I’ve been telling my customers that I would come out with a list of hardy, insect and disease-resistant plants for hedging alternatives to cotoneaster.

So here it is.  I’ve chosen plants based on their reliability to over-winter without significant die-back.  The last thing you want in a hedge is for a large chunk of it to die-off due to winter-killed branches.  I’ve also chosen species that have something showy to offer, such as nice flowers, or brilliant fall colour.  Hedges are relatively high-maintenance, and I’ve indicated the level of maintenance required, and the best timing for pruning each plant.  I’ve listed a few of the pros and cons of each species as well, from my experience.

Happy hedging.  I welcome your comments and emails.




















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