Ohio Buckeye

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Fall colour.

Fall colour

Aesculus glabra

Ohio buckeye is the Prairie answer to horse chestnut.  I like this tree and I think it is underutilized.  It can be the ideal specimen for very small front yards.  It has interesting palmate foliage, unusual fruit in summer, and excellent and variable fall colour, which ranges from yellow to peach to deep orange.  The tallest specimen I’ve worked on was in Calgary, at fewer than 20′.  I expect that there would be larger specimens in the Edmonton area.  My only complaint with Ohio buckeye is that it is prone to leaf spot diseases in late summer, which are unattractive and can take away from the fall beauty.  Ohio buckeye grows about 1′ per year on average, requires minimal pruning, and is easy to maintain.




Full sun.

Pruning Time

Dormant season, from after leaf drop to before bud break.


Ohio buckeye is intolerant of pruning, especially heading cuts, and will often die back from the cut node back to the next heathy bud.  I leave a very slight stub on some cuts to avoid damaging tissue near the bud.  I generally train trees to a central leader standard, with well space scaffold branches.

Crown Reduction

Not suitable.  This tree will quickly decay from hard cuts (large wounds).


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