Norway Spruce

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Cones of Norway spruce.

Cones of Norway spruce.

Picea abies cvs.  Norway Spruce varieties

Picea abies pendula  Weeping Norway Spruce

Norway spruce are large, coniferous shade trees, uncommonly planted, but definitely hardy for Central Alberta.  They grow very wide at the base, similar to large Colorado blue spruce, and are not the best choice for most urban yards, as they will tend to dominate once mature.  They are easily recognizable from other spruce species by their cones, up to 6″ long.  The only problems I’ve seen with Norway Spruce are spider mites and nitrogen deficiency, both of which can be managed.  The trees can provide interesting texture and form for park and acreage plantings.



The weeping Norway spruce is becoming much more common, and makes a nice accent to a shrub bed.  This variety seems to be easy to grow and very low maintenance.


Full sun to partial shade.

Weeping Norway spruce in shrub bed.

Weeping Norway spruce in shrub bed.


Not required if planted in appropriate location that willl allow for the mature specimen.  Mature trees can be deadwooded to improve their appearance.  Clearance pruning from walkways and structures may be all that is required.  I don’t recommend lifting the crown on these species. Plant in mulched beds where possible to avoid interference with lawns.

Crown Reduction and Shaping





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