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Clematis  x cvs.

'Jackman' clematis

‘Jackman’ clematis

I love clematis but I am far from an expert on them. From my experience they are easy to grow and there are many varieties, with a diverse range of flower shapes and colours, from purples to pinks to white with pink bands .  I once planted a Jackman clematis to climb on a black chain link fence with excellent results.  Vines add a layer of depth and interest to the garden.  They grow well on fences, trellis systems, over old tree stumps, and even up the trunk and branches of an apple tree.


Full shade to full sun, depending on the variety.  Clematis requires well-drained soil and shaded roots.



Pruning Time

Late fall, before the snow or mid-Spring, after the snow melts.


Please refer to this excellent link on pruning clematis:  We are rarely asked to prune clematis, and when we are, it’s usually to cut the plant back to the ground because it has become unruly.  Some gardeners prune clematis back to the ground each year.

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