Burning Bush

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Dwarf Burning BushEuonymus nanus

Winged Burning BushEuonymus alatus


These are useful shrubs to use in the landscape.  Dwarf burning bush has unique pink capsules with a showy red seed, and winged burning bush exhibits arguably the best fall colour of any ornamentals shrub on the Prairies.  They are slow growing plants and do not require much maintenance.  I once had three in my yard, and spent only a few minutes each year cleaning them up.


Full sun to part shade

Pruning Time

Late fall to early spring, when the leaves are off and you can see what you’re working on.


Train Winged burning bush as an open-centered shrub, and remove major deadwood each year. Dwarf burning bush does not respond well to hard pruning.


Not recommended.  Burning bush looks best in its natural form.  Allow enough room for the mature plant when planting new shrubs.

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